Why Testosterone is so Important For a Man

Around the world it is a given that people know that it is basically testosterone that makes a man manly. But is testosterone only responsible for that? No would be the answer to that question. There are other uses that the men have for testosterone in their bodies.
There are however some that think that having testosterone is what brings about aggression in men and makes them violent as a result of it. But if you continue to read this article you will be enlightened about the other useful things that testosterone does to a man’s body.

Testosterone is actually a hormone that gives signals to a man’s cells and this signal produces certain responses in a man when faced with some situations. It can send different signals to many cells at the same time. This type of action is what is deemed as systemic effect.

Babies as young as seven weeks old start producing this hormone in their body. Of course we all know that the highest time of production of this hormone happens during the puberty stage of a boy. When a man hits his thirties his testosterone levels starts to decline each year.

Testosterone has an important function in the development of a man’s body. While the baby boy is still in the womb it is actually testosterone that is responsible for the development of its male reproductive organ. When the boy hits puberty testosterone is in active gear as it works its way so that the boy develops shoulders that are broad and bones that are strong. It is also at this age that the boy develops a deep voice and that is brought on by testosterone.

When the boy reaches being a man the testosterone still has an important role in his life. At this stage this hormone allows his mind to be sharp if he has normal levels of it. Also this hormone allows him to be able to focus well and have the confidence to carry on with his tasks. This is why it is seen that those who have become successful in their corporate jobs are those who have great amounts of testosterone in their body.

There are also health benefits as well when you have normal levels of testosterone. You lessen the probability of you being a diabetic if you have it. It is also reported that having testosterone in the body is also great for the heart health of any adult man. And men with right amounts of testosterone have a lower risk too of having the Alzheimer’s disease.

Since there are many good things that testosterone does to the body it is a must that you test for your amounts of it. If you think your not being confident might be a symptom of low testosterone level then you need to have yourself tested immediately so that if confirmed you can do something about it.

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