Homeowners often install fireplaces so they can reduce energy costs and enjoy the charm of cozy fires in cold weather. Those who want to maximize these benefits invest in a gas fireplace instead of a wood-burning unit. Suppliers offer stylish freestanding and built-in gas models that increase home beauty, charm, and value. Using gas as fireplace fuel is affordable, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

Gas Burning Fireplaces Increase Home Values

Suppliers can install gas burning fireplaces when homes are being constructed or add them to existing structures. Whether clients choose vented models that use their existing chimneys or vent-free styles, the fireplaces increase home values. They add an extra heat source that can lower energy bills as much as 26%. Owners can choose from decorative styles that range from rustic to sleek and modern. House hunters with families are often willing to pay top dollar for homes with gas-burning fireplaces. They are safer than wood-burning fireplaces since gas does not produce sparks.

Gas Units Are Better for the Environment

Homeowners who want to minimize their environmental impact often choose gas-burning fireplaces. Those who miss the charm of wood often use gas log sets that duplicate the look of burning wood. However, they do not produce the emissions that have caused some areas to ban wood-burning units. Gas burns cleanly and keeps homes warmer than wood.

Gas Burning Fireplaces Are User-Friendly

Customers often choose gas-burning units because they are easier to use and maintain than wood fireplaces. Burning wood creates creosote that builds up and needs to be professionally cleaned to prevent fumes, smoke, or even chimney fires. In comparison, a gas-burning device only needs a professional inspection once a year. As long as ceramic logs are intact, users can enjoy years of toasty fires without any maintenance. It is also easy for any family member to start and extinguish a fire since gas units are equipped with remote control devices.

Gas-burning fireplaces are popular among homeowners who want to reduce energy bills and add decorative elements that increase home values. Many use gas logs that provide the charm of wood fires without the maintenance. Fireplaces that burn gas are also eco-friendly.